Internship Requirements are back!

Internships are back for both Management and Marketing students, after having been paused due to COVID. While you are still welcome and encouraged to complete an internship this summer, starting Fall 2022, including Fall 2022 graduates, all Management and Marketing students are required to complete an experiential requirement in order to graduate, which is usually fulfilled by completing an internship and enrolling MGT/MKT 498c, the Internship Class. An elective will no longer satisfy this requirement – that was a temporary measure only.

Here is what you should do, especially if you are a junior or senior:
1. Read about the Internship requirements under Resources.
2. Sign up for and attend an Internship Orientation. Starting March 29, weekly workshops will be held on Tuesdays at 3 PM and Thursdays at 10 AM in Room 4117.
3. Start looking for an internship. The sooner the better!
4. Report your Experience, go through the approval process, and enroll in 498c.

Any questions, please contact our office or schedule an appointment with someone in our office to discuss further.

By Kelsey Beisecker
Kelsey Beisecker Programs Coordinator