What Does a Marketing Manager Do? Key Job Duties, Salary, Skills Needed, and More

Marketing managers are ubiquitous in the professional world; they can be found across nearly every industry and in every size and type of company. Though their job descriptions and years of professional experience may differ, marketing managers serve as the …

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A Day in the Life: Investment Banking Analyst

We’ve asked insiders at leading investment banks to offer us insight into a day in the life of their position. Here’s a look at a day of an I-banking analyst at UBS Investment Bank.

8:00 AM: This is a good …

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A Day in the Life: Insurance Claim Representative, Major Insurance Company

An insurance claim representative provides services for a product that people find necessary to purchase, but, typically, never want to use. Claim representatives need to possess expert knowledge of insurance rules and regulations, as well as any differences in policies, …

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Allyship at Work | How to Turn Intentions into Actions

Illustrated by Marian Blair

We’ve all heard the term ally, used most often to describe an alignment between those who have shared beliefs and who seek the same goal. Up until about 30 years ago, the term was almost exclusively used …

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A Day in the Life: Mid-level Corporate Law Associate

8:30 AM: Arrive at the office and read the local business journal or business section of the newspaper. (Local companies still make up the bulk of most firms’ business.) Skim through any trade publications looking for articles relevant to clients’ …

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A Day in the Life: Entry-Level Tax Associate at a Big Four Accounting Firm

8:00 AM: Arrive at work. I like to get in a little earlier than others (most other people in the office get in around 9:00 a.m.). This gives me a chance to check e-mail and voicemail, take care of administrative …

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4 Tips for Searching for Companies that Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Everyone's heard the phrase “diversity and inclusion” (“D&I” for short), but what does it really mean? Why is it so important? And how do you find companies that prioritize it?

In honor of Black History Month, below are the answers to …

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How to Write Professional Emails That Get the Results You Want

People get dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of emails (let’s not even talk about how many unread emails are sitting in my inbox right now) and it’s easy to miss—or just plain ignore—them on a scroll. So when you’re writing …

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Data Professionals Are in High Demand—Here Are 8 Jobs You Should Consider

Are you looking for a career with a significant amount of potential and opportunity in 2021 (and beyond)? If so, one career path you’ll definitely want to explore is data and analytics.

According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future …

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3 Essential Job-Search Strategies for International Students in 2021

To say the least, the Trump administration didn't extend a warm welcome to international students at U.S. colleges and universities. Will the Biden administration be more welcoming? Will international students have a better chance of securing H-1B visas? Will they …

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