Investment Banking / Financial Planning / Financial Analysis

Become a Corporate Financial Planning Analyst

Over the past decade, the financial planning and analysis profession has grown dramatically. Learn the skills you need to gather, analyze and present financial data so you can become a Corporate Financial Planning Analyst, and begin working toward becoming a corporate strategic partner.

You Will:

  • Develop basic financial analyst skills required as a Corporate Financial Planning Analyst
  • Demonstrate technical skills to execute effectively.
  • Build leadership and communication skills to excel and advance.

Courses include:

  • Strategic Planning Foundations
  • Finance Foundations
  • Accounting Foundations: Managerial Accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Project Management Foundations
  • Communications Foundations
  • Creating and Giving Business Presentations
  • Financial Analysis: Making Business Projections
  • Running a Profitable Business: Understanding Financial Ratios
  • Excel Data Analysis: Forecasting
  • Excel: Economics Analysis and Data Analytics
  • Financial Forecasting with Big Data
  • Finance Foundations: Business Valuation
  • Excel Statistics Essential Training: 1
  • Learning SQL Programming
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