CEPD in the Classroom

To be competitive in today’s virtual job market, CSUN Nazarian students should obtain not only knowledge and competence in their field of study, but also professional skills. CEPD is committed to helping students build those professional skills that are highly valued by employers and necessary in this new virtual recruiting world.

We would love to partner with you to embed professional skills into your courses. There are two ways to partner our services with your curriculum:

1. Classroom Presentations (Don’t Cancel Class!)

Request a presentation if you must cancel class or want to supplement your course content.
CEPD staff can tailor a presentation based on your needs.

Request a Classroom Presentation Now

After submitting your request, we will confirm within two (2) business days.


2. Course Assignments

Many CSUN Nazarian faculty create course assignments that requires students to utilize one or more of our online platforms. Below is a list of our platforms, links to details about their functionality, and how you can use them:

All CSUN career services (CEPD, EYCC, and Career Center) utilize Handshake as a online career management platform.
Faculty and staff can request their own student account in Handshake to experience the student’s view. To request a Handshake account, please email your request to our staff at nazariancareers@csun.edu.
VMock is a 24/7 virtual career assistant for students that utilizes technologies like artificial intelligence to provide instant personalized feedback on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and elevator pitches. It currently has 4 different modules students can use for immediate feedback:

  • SMART Resume – Analyzes generic resumes to provide detailed feedback to help identify strengths and areas of improvement. We ask all students to achieve a score of 75 or higher.
  • Career Fit – Analyzes tailored resumes to provide detailed feedback that matches skills and content to specific job roles. We recommend using after receiving a score of 75 or better on SMART Resume.
  • Elevator Pitch – Analyzes body language, enunciation and content to provide holistic feedback on non-verbal, content strength, and delivery of speech.
  • Aspire (LinkedIn) – Analyzes LinkedIn profile to provide detailed feedback on the content, look, and visibility.

These online tools are uniquely relevant in this new virtual world. We believe these are essential career tools for students to prepare for the virtual recruiting that is now happening.

Firsthand (formerly Vault)
Firsthand provides in-depth intelligence on what it’s really like to work within an industry, company, and profession. Firsthand is best known for its influential rankings, ratings, and reviews on thousands of top employers and hundreds of internship programs. All CSUN students and employees have access to Firsthand using their CSUN email address.
Faculty and staff are encouraged to utilize First as a resource. Visiting this site allows you to assist students with information found when viewing career guides and searching employers rankings and ratings.
Students can practice video interviews for a variety of roles, industries, and skills based interviews.

You may want to want to incorporate one or more of these platforms into your class in the form of an assignment. Examples of assignments include Completing their Handshake Profile, Upload Resume on VMock and Improve Score, and Use VMock Elevator Pitch.

Our office is happy to help facilitate and verify when your students complete an assignment. CEPD will track student progress and provide an excel report to you indicating which students have completed the assignment(s) by the deadline set. To do so, we ask that you provide us your class roster containing students’ names and email addresses at least one (1) week before assigned.

If you want to learn more or discuss incorporating one or more CEPD assignments into your classes, please contact our office at nazariancareers@csun.edu and (818) 677-4697.