Shadowing Program

Program Overview:
The Career Education and Professional Development (CEPD) Shadowing Program match students with employers to gain insight into business careers. One or more students will shadow a professional during a prescheduled time period.
This program is focused on sophomores in the Passport Program as they begin to explore their career options.

Program Details:
The Program takes place the week of Spring Break during your normal work hours. Shadows should last between 2-4 hours and you may have between 1-3 student participants at a time.
You can choose any day(s) and times that fit your schedule.

Why participate:
Students want and need to learn more about what you do, how you got into your industry, and what they should be doing now to enter your industry once they graduate.
When you participate, you will have the opportunity to:
▪ Showcase what professionals in your organization do on a daily basis, the changes and requirements
▪ Brand your company by exposing students to company culture and new technologies
▪ Provide students a chance to gain exposure and to help develop their career interests
▪ Begin identifying potential candidates early in their college careers

What to consider:
▪ Decide the maximum number of students that you can accommodate
▪ Decide the day(s) and time(s) for students to come shadow you
▪ Students’ majors will vary. You will be notified of their majors prior to the Shadow week
▪ Decide on topic(s) to showcase

Suggested Activities for the visit:
▪ Provide a tour of your company
▪ Show the students examples of your work
▪ Discuss the organizational chart, company culture, and working environment
▪ Allow the students to observe day-to-day activities
▪ Coordinate with others in company to plan the scope of the students’ shadow experience to gain exposure to various applications of his/her major
▪ Provide your students with a set of your company’s promotional and general recruitment materials.
▪ Provide advice for someone wanting to get into your industry and/or your particular company

“The Shadow Program far exceeded my expectations! The opportunity to network and see what it was like working in the marketing field was a great learning experience.”
–Sheila Eunice Echano, Student

“I was impressed with some of the questions and conversations I had with the students. It’s a great informal learning experience for them.”
–Marvin Fisher, Account Executive, PMK*BNC

“The students were able to get an understanding of what our company does on a high level, so they can make decisions about whether they want to do this on a day to day.”
–Denise Valbuena, Media Manager, OperaMediaWorks