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Internship Requirements are back!

Internships are back for both Management and Marketing students, after having been paused due to COVID. While you are still welcome and encouraged to complete an internship this summer, starting Fall 2022, including Fall 2022 graduates, all Management and Marketing …

By Kelsey Beisecker
Kelsey Beisecker Programs Coordinator
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4 Practical Ways to Sharpen Your Online Interview Skills Before Graduation

Getting ready for graduation is an exciting time, but it can also add extra pressure to perform at the next level, especially when it comes to interviewing for your future career. Since the 2020 global pandemic, many job interviews and …

By Val Matta - CareerShift
Job hunting & career management solutions
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Opportunities at Deluxe Media Inc.!

Interested in an internship in marketing or production?
Deluxe Digital Media services the media & entertainment industry for companies like Netflix, Amazon & Google across multiple platforms like streaming, broadcast & mobile. Deluxe works to help their clients with global …

By Kelsey Beisecker
Kelsey Beisecker Programs Coordinator
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