Systems and Operations Management

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  • Systems and Operations Management focuses on developing skills for problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and the use of constantly changing technology. These skills are needed to deal with a variety of decisions made by managers in manufacturing, service and public organizations. They encompass strategic long-range decisions (such as product, service and process design, facility location and capacity planning), as well as operational decisions (such as project management, operations planning and scheduling, quality assurance, purchasing and inventory).
  • Sample Jobs include:

    Quality Management • Operations Planning and Scheduling • Business Analyst • Inventory and Material Management • Systems Analyst and Design • Operations Analyst • Production Planner/Analyst • Project Manager • Decision Support Systems • Quality Control Specialist • Supply Chain Analyst • Data Analyst • Project Administrator • Operations Coordinator

  • Sample Companies include:

    Northrop Grumman • Wonderful Company • Walt Disney Company • Panda Restaurant Group • UPS • FedEx


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