Negotiate The Salary You Want

How do I negotiate my salary?

1. Identify Your Skills

Everyone has a particular skill and others have many skills that a company really needs. Companies try to hire candidates who have the skills that they need for the company to keep being in business. Identify your skills, once you identify them make sure those skills are relevant to the position you are seeking. Having relevant skills will make your case to get your desired salary stronger.

2. Research The Company

Companies want employees that go out of their way learn and better at their position. Find out what skills they need and put that on your resume only if you have the skills. If you don’t have the skill practice and keep on practicing. Look at their website, look at recent news to see if the company comes up. Here are some question to ask a company during an interview:

How did this company perform during the shut down in 2020?
Did the company layoff of their employees due to the pandemic?
What is something that could have been done to prevent so many layoffs?

3. Have a plan

When you have identified your skills and have researched the company you are applying, your are already have done with the plan.
The final step is to decide on the lowest salary and the highest salary that you are willing to get. Have the lowest salary you are willing to get and don’t go below that. This will prevent you from accepting a salary that is much lower that you wanted. Also have the highest salary that you want. Most companies will not pay you want you want unless you are a qualified candidate. By having the lowest and highest salary will put you in a position that only a person with a plan can get there. Being to negotiate during an interview is another way to demonstrate that you are really are a candidate for the job. After all, you are a business major.

By Hernan
Hernan Alumni