Student Spotlight: Jordan Washington

Jordan Washington is a Financial Analysis major entering into his Senior year at CSUN.

He started a new job at Ernst & Young as a Sales and Use Compliance Tax Notice Review in Spring 2023 &
He was offered an internship at Goldman Sachs for Summer 2023 as a Consumer and Wealth Management Summer Analyst.

Here’s what Jordan shared:

Did you attend a CEPD event or get support/resources through the CEPD? How did that help you with this opportunity?

For the Goldman Sachs internship, indeed! I made it a point to attend every coffee chat organized by Goldman, as recommended by Craig. Additionally, I actively participated in industry night events where Goldman representatives were present. Engaging in these networking opportunities allowed me to establish personal connections with members of the Goldman team. Recognizing that my resume might not fully capture who I am as an individual, I seized these occasions to provide them with a deeper understanding of my character and showcase my genuine enthusiasm for this opportunity.

How does this opportunity align with your career goals?

Securing an opportunity to work at a renowned Big 4 firm presents a remarkable chance for me to acquire valuable insights and knowledge regarding the expectations set for employees in top-tier organizations. This experience will undoubtedly serve as a stepping stone towards my graduation and future aspirations of entering one of these esteemed firms. By immersing myself in this environment, I aim to enhance my skills, broaden my understanding, and refine my capabilities to align with the exceptional standards upheld by these organizations.
Goldman Sachs is a power house when it comes to finance, being able to learn at one of the most prestigious internship’s in the world will push me to learn and grow personally and also career wise.

What advice would you give to other students?

My advice to other student would be to use all of their possible resources to get where they want. All of the resources are available. It is up to you to use them.
Pursue every goal, regardless of how unattainable it may seem at first glance. Embrace the mindset of “Why not you?” and firmly believe that anything is possible, even in the face of discouraging statistics. The efforts you invest in setting yourself apart from the crowd will undoubtedly produce significant rewards. Trust in the process and have faith that your hard work will pay off in due time. Furthermore, I strongly recommend taking full advantage of the Passport program. Don’t hesitate to ask numerous questions and seek guidance from Danielle or Craig whenever needed. They are there to support and assist you in any way possible, ensuring you stay on the right track toward achieving your goals. Lastly, remember that time flies by swiftly during your academic journey. Avoid leaving school with regrets about not giving it your all. Pour your heart and soul into your studies and extracurricular pursuits, knowing that it is your future that is at stake. Your dedication and determination will shape the path ahead and lay the foundation for your success. In summary, embrace the challenges, believe in yourself, utilize the available resources, and leave no room for regrets as you forge a path towards a bright future.

Congratulations Jordan!

By Danielle Rodriguez
Danielle Rodriguez Programs Manager