Vault Guide to the Top 50 Accounting Firms, 2022 Edition

The Vault Guide to the Top 50 Accounting Firms is the most comprehensive guide to the best accounting firms to work for in the U.S. An essential tool for your accounting firm search, this guide includes detailed profiles of the top accounting firms and Vault’s most recent accounting rankings, including the Vault Accounting 50, Vault’s Prestige Rankings, Vault’s Quality of Life Rankings, and Vault’s Diversity Rankings.

Vault’s rankings are based on our annual Accounting Survey. This year, approximately 11,400 professionals participated in our Accounting Survey, which asked insiders to rate their firms in several workplace categories, including business outlook, culture, compensation, hours, overall satisfaction, training, and work/life balance. They were also asked to rate firms other than their own in terms of prestige. A weighted formula, which includes these internal quality of life scores and external prestige scores, was used to create the Vault Accounting 50.

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