Connect with our Students

We are committed to the continued support of our employers and providing our students with resources and opportunities for their career goals by facilitating meaningful interactions. Below are just a few ways you can connect with our students.

Career Previews/Information Sessions
Career previews are structured presentations by potential employers where students are able to learn detailed information about the organization, internships, jobs, and careers within the organization. In addition, students may gain insights about current and future trends in particular industries. Career previews are held at various times throughout the year.

Professional Development Workshops
CEPD conducts a variety of professional development workshops for students. These workshops are designed to enrich students’ experiential learning experiences, to assist students in their career preparation, and to network with their fellow students and industry leaders. Workshops are held at various times throughout the year.

Firm Tours
Firm Tours provide opportunities for potential employers to show students their culture, working environments, facilities, products, and services. The structure is flexible, but host organizations often conduct a brief presentation, followed by a tour of the facilities, and ending with a Q&A session. Firm Tours are typically held during the winter and summer months of the academic year.

If you are interested in connecting with CSUN business students in one of the above ways, or you have another idea in mind, please reach out to our office at